This research group addressed the development of Israeli society in light of the neoliberal changes taking place in Israel and elsewhere in the last three decades. The aim was to shed light on key junctions in politics, the economy, and everyday life. The group’s members devoted their time to an examination of several aspects: 1. Processes that subordinate social relations to the market principle and lead to the creation of the economic subject with an entrepreneurial bent; 2. Areas of life and processes in Israeli society that appear to be separate from neoliberal processes but are in fact related to them (such as cultural and class changes in the ultra-Orthodox population and in the Palestinian population, the Mizrahi middle class, and feminist intersection studies that describe a reorganization of the class structure); 3. Changes in economic policy, labor market trends, and the rise of new cultural narratives; and 4. The intersection of the colonial logic and the neoliberal logic that shape the structure of the occupation. The group’s studies are being edited by Sara Helman for an anthology.